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AABCO Refrigeration in the Ocean County NJ area provides Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair, specializing in Residential Built-In Style Refrigerators. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about refrigerator operation and maintenance.

Where is the best place to set the dial on my Sub-Zero refrigerator?
Both dials should be set at the halfway point, or on digital display refrigerators 38 degrees Fahrenheit on the refrigerator and 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer. This is the most common factory and industry standard temperature setting. 0 degrees F in a freezer will keep ice cream at a perfect hardness, but a freezer too cold will cause freezer burn. Setting a Sub-Zero refrigerator colder than 38 degrees F will simply waste electricity and possibly freeze some of your food.

If I turn my Sub-Zero refrigerator dial to maximum after a repair or an outage, will it get colder faster?
No, a thermostat is not a gas pedal. Simply set your dial halfway and let the refrigerator run overnight.

If my food is spoiling quickly should I turn up the dial of my Sub-Zero refrigerator?
If your Sub-Zero refrigerator cannot maintain temperature with the dial set halfway, then it has a mechanical problem and it will simply get worse if you max out the dial. Call a Sub-Zero refrigerator repair technician.

My Sub-Zero refrigerator is not cooling, the light is not working, and there are no signs of anything running.
Most likely there is no electricity to the refrigerator. If it's plugged in, check that the outlet works; test it by plugging in a lamp. If no power is found at the outlet, check your circuit breaker box and all GFCI outlets in your house. Keep in mind that a GFCI outlet across the house can control an outlet in your kitchen. If the breaker has tripped and there's nothing else on the electrical line that the refrigerator is plugged into, then it's the fridge that made the breaker trip, and you should call a refrigerator repairman right away. If there is indeed power to the outlet, then the refrigerator has an internal problem and a Sub-Zero refrigerator repairman should be called. But if there's a problem with the electric in your house, call an electrical contractor and do not attempt to repair it yourself. Also, remember that a built-in refrigerator should never be pulled out from the wall; all the mechanicals are accessible from the front where a refrigerator technician can check for power without having to pull it out.

Can I leave the Sub-Zero refrigerator in my vacation home running all winter?

The pros of turning off your Sub-Zero refrigerator and leaving the doors wide open all winter:

The con of turning off your refrigerator all winter is that in salt air environments, the evaporator fan can lock up from corrosion if left turned off for months at a time.

In conclusion, the best answer would be to leave your Sub-Zero refrigerator turned off with the doors wide open during the off-season. If located by the ocean or bay, have a neighbor or property manager run the refrigerator once a month to keep the fans from sticking.

The Sub-Zero refrigerator in my garage works fine in warm weather, but in the winter the freezer section gets warm and defrosts the food.
The thermostat of most Sub-Zero refrigerators is located within the refrigerator compartment. If the temperature of the garage is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermostat will never turn the compressor on and provide cooling for the freezer section. There are refrigerators specially designed for garage use that have two separate thermostats for the freezer and refrigerator.

How often does a Sub-Zero refrigerator need a Freon recharge?
Never! The Freon system of a Sub-Zero refrigerator is constructed entirely of metal tubing and welded shut from the factory. If your refrigerator is in need of Freon, it means there is a hole in the system.

My Sub-Zero refrigerator is not getting cold. Does that mean it needs Freon?
There are many causes of non-cooling problems in refrigerators, but 90% of the time Freon is not one of them.

My Sub-Zero refrigerator is not getting cold. Can you tell me what's wrong with it over the phone?
At AABCO Refrigeration we try our best to troubleshoot and solve any issue you may have over the phone without having to send out a technician. Please keep in mind, however, that a refrigerator is a complex machine and some mechanical problems will require a hands-on diagnosis.

What is the proper care for my Sub-Zero refrigerator's doors?

Refrigerator Door Care Ocean County NJ
Refrigerator Door Care Ocean County NJ

Avoid putting heavy items in the shelves of the doors. More weight on the door means faster wear and tear on the hinges. Also, it will make the frame of the door bend and sag over time, causing it to not close properly. Keep the seals clean by wiping the door gaskets and food compartment with soap and water so that the rubber doesn't get sticky and rip apart when the door is opened.

What are some tips for taking care of my Sub-Zero ice maker?
Always dump the ice after an extended power outage. If your refrigerator has an ice dispenser, an outage can cause the ice to melt and fuse together, which can jam or break the motor. Turn the ice maker off during vacation. On rare occasions, ice maker failures have caused overheating and flooding. And if your ice maker is producing thin slivers of ice, it means the water filter is clogged or the supply from your plumbing is restricted. Small cubes can get stuck in the blades of the ice maker and cause further damage, so turn it off and call a technician.

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